ski bummette

Southern girl playing in the Rockies, living in a Dude's world, and writing about adventures in the great outdoors.

Skis and Lipstick

James Brown sang “it’s a man’s world.”

For me, it’s a “dude’s world.”

Living in a ski town while being a woman takes balls. A woman on an average night walks into a bar and meets 6 men to her 1 woman. And while the single ladies get their pick of which fish in the barrel to shoot next, it also makes having a conversation that isn’t about how many days you have skied this season hard to find.

The first thing I did when moving here was getting to know women I could depend on for my estrogen fixes that every woman needs. And once I did weed through the dudes to get to the ladies, I met some of the coolest chicks I know. Women that can hold their own with the men on the slopes, on the trails, and in “bro talk”, while hosting girls’ nights, occasionally trading in chap stick for lipstick, and exuding the confidence it takes to walk into a room full of ski bums and demand respect as one of the few ski “bum-ettes” in town.

So here is to all the ladies who live in, have lived in, want to live in, or who just want to know what a different path of life is like in a town where adventures in nature is top priority, ski boots are worn far more often than heels, and femininity isn’t lost while keeping up with the boys.


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