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Richard Permin Interview: Eat your heart out Ladies!

Photo by Trent Bona

Talking with Richard Permin in Japan – ESPN.

You may recognize Monsieur Permin from last year’s ski film, Attack of La Nina, by Matchstick Productions (in which I had a cameo as an 80’s party girl that feeds Colby West champagne in a hot tub- no big deal). Not to mention all of the competitions he has placed in top spots this year alone. He is French. He is gorgeous. He is one sick skier. Right now he is skiing in Japan, where, unlike here in the States, there is so much snow, you can literally ski off snow-laden tree branches like a skiing squirrel. He is there filming with Matchstick for their newest ski film along with Sean Pettit and Riley Leboe.

I can’t possibly post this without giving enormous props to the photographer and writer of the article, the love of my life, Trent Bona. He is there, shooting stills, hanging out, and skiing with these amazing athletes. He is the perfect example of doing what you love, being good at doing what you love, and making a life out of doing what you love.


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3 thoughts on “Richard Permin Interview: Eat your heart out Ladies!

  1. Awesome. My crew and I are currently at the airport. Our flight to Japan leaves in an hour. We will be skiing japowder in t minus 20 hours. Woohoo.

  2. Trevor Bona on said:

    Great read Danica! Keep up the good work!

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