ski bummette

Southern girl playing in the Rockies, living in a Dude's world, and writing about adventures in the great outdoors.

Heels & Headlamps

Make up, heels, and fancy-schmancy evenings on the town aren’t a part of my regular life style here in the mountains. Between sweating outside all day or wearing bulky clothes and ski goggles, striving for pretty isn’t exactly a priority here. However,as any woman knows, sometimes it just feels nice to feel sexy. Date night here is a perfect way to escape the bubble that ski towns can become while not having to get in your car. So leaving my snow boots at the house, slipping into a pair of heels and even putting on some lipstick, I hopped on my townie with a light on my head, and road the icy roads with my man like we were going out for a night in the big city.

Our fancy night was quite necessary as it was our first night to ourselves between Trent’s photo trips and having out of town guests here in over a month, and it will be our last between the same until the end of the ski season. So we went all out. We started our evening with a couple’s massage and ended it by closing down the most delicious fine-dining restaurant in town, Soupçon. It was a beautiful evening, and although I felt like I could have been anywhere in the world, I was quite obviously still a small-town mountain girl by riding my bike home in heels on ice after a bottle of wine.


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