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Trading in Skis for Mountain Bikes in the American Desert

Off season, or mud season, is an interesting part of living in a ski town. It is a part that I had not considered when I moved to Crested Butte with visions of snow-filled mountains in the winter turned to exquisite views and countless places to wander in the summer. It is the in-between time of seasons when snow melts and turns to mud; when dog poop that was strategically buried in snowed-in yards suddenly comes into the open air and into our senses. It is a quiet time of year where no tourists come to visit, and few businesses choose to stay open. It is nice to suddenly not see a stranger no matter where you go. It is also a time when people who grasp the ski-bum life by the horns take to the road or to the beach. Last year Trent and I opted for the latter and spent a few weeks back packing through Nicaragua, a nice change of weather and scenery.

This year we packed up the truck and took off toward the South-Western US. We said good-bye to what was left of Colorado snow behind in exchange for desert sand. We traded in our skis for mountain bikes, and our hearts that live for mountains shifted in awe for exquisite red rock formations.

And our journey begins…

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Melting into Mountain Bikes and Other Holidays

Today is a very special holiday. It marks the beginning of spring, the end of winter, and brings the promise of wild flowers and mountain bikes. Today is Closing Day! Crested Butte Mountain Resort officially closes its slopes, and the town parties.

Okay, that isn’t entirely true. You see, usually on this special day, we acknowledge that in fact it’s not the end of winter, far from it. Last year it was still snowing in June! Closing Day actually represents either migrating west to the desert for biking or Central America for surfing. The few that actually stick out our “off season” usually have at least another month of winter as they trade in their resort gear for their backcountry gear.

This year is different. It isn’t a secret that this season has been missing one crucial thing. Snow. Oh we got our random 10-inch days when friends became strangers in the lift line while we got our fix of fresh pow, but in the past month I have been mountain biking more than I have been skiing. Very un-ski-bumette of me, I know. But when skiing no longer has the adrenaline rush we are after (aside from dodging rocks), we mountain folk find something that does. It’s just usually not until summer.

This closing day may be more about drinking on the bar decks in the sun than skiing, but it is still a very special day here. It is officially spring, and we no longer have to feel guilty about not using our hard-earned passes.

Happy Closing Day everyone! Enjoy the beauty of winter melting into spring and skis traded in for whatever it is that brings you joy in these few warm months.

Tatum Monod: Stomps a Double Backflip for Ski-Bumettes Everywhere

Tatum Monod is a ski racer turned professional freeskier (she came in 2nd overall in the 2011 Freeskiing World Tour in Revelstoke). She is that woman that chicks want to ski with, and dudes want to marry. She is beautiful, badass, and apparently keeps her promises. At the beginning of this Orage-sponsored trip in Retallack, in the Selkirk Mountains of BC, Canada, she promised to stomp a double backflip. By the end of the trip, and after a few tumbles in powder, she does just that, and all of us snow ladies cheer. She, like all great ski-bumettes, is satisfied with the reward of double lemon drop shots.

Cheers Tatum!

4th Grader Can Teach Us All a Lesson

Why is the world so enthralled with Zia’s first 60 meter ski jump? Maybe it’s because this brave 4th grader is about to fly through the air at a height most people wouldn’t dream of, maybe it’s because this brave 4th grader is a girl, or maybe it’s because this brave 4th grader is talking herself through something that scares her and actually goes through with it. We have all been there, on top of a giant jump that shakes us to the core, that promises us better things if we take it, but doesn’t promise us that we won’t get hurt. When we watch this video, we not only watch and root on a brave little girl take on her own fears, we watch her talk herself through it, and we see her excitement and pride when she lands safely. “…60 seems like nothin now!”

So what jump are you talking yourself through? I guarantee it will be worth taking, even with a few bruises…

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