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4th Grader Can Teach Us All a Lesson

Why is the world so enthralled with Zia’s first 60 meter ski jump? Maybe it’s because this brave 4th grader is about to fly through the air at a height most people wouldn’t dream of, maybe it’s because this brave 4th grader is a girl, or maybe it’s because this brave 4th grader is talking herself through something that scares her and actually goes through with it. We have all been there, on top of a giant jump that shakes us to the core, that promises us better things if we take it, but doesn’t promise us that we won’t get hurt. When we watch this video, we not only watch and root on a brave little girl take on her own fears, we watch her talk herself through it, and we see her excitement and pride when she lands safely. “…60 seems like nothin now!”

So what jump are you talking yourself through? I guarantee it will be worth taking, even with a few bruises…


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2 thoughts on “4th Grader Can Teach Us All a Lesson

  1. I love this. I’ve talked myself through so many scary moments in my adult life, wishing I had some big, physical jump I could harken back to like this girl does. She rocks. This moment will see her through difficult times in her future. She’ll be able to tell herself she can get through anything. She’s already pressed up against her fears and felt the sweet wind of victory.

    • Kim, thanks for responding! When I was her age, nothing I did came close to having this much adrenaline, this much confidence, or this much bravery. I agree, she will always have this to look back on when other jumps, ones that may not be physical jumps on skis, are laid out in front of her. And it can only help her to know what it is like to make it on the other side safely.

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