ski bummette

Southern girl playing in the Rockies, living in a Dude's world, and writing about adventures in the great outdoors.

Tatum Monod: Stomps a Double Backflip for Ski-Bumettes Everywhere

Tatum Monod is a ski racer turned professional freeskier (she came in 2nd overall in the 2011 Freeskiing World Tour in Revelstoke). She is that woman that chicks want to ski with, and dudes want to marry. She is beautiful, badass, and apparently keeps her promises. At the beginning of this Orage-sponsored trip in Retallack, in the Selkirk Mountains of BC, Canada, she promised to stomp a double backflip. By the end of the trip, and after a few tumbles in powder, she does just that, and all of us snow ladies cheer. She, like all great ski-bumettes, is satisfied with the reward of double lemon drop shots.

Cheers Tatum!


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