ski bummette

Southern girl playing in the Rockies, living in a Dude's world, and writing about adventures in the great outdoors.

About Me

I am a southern girl to the core in that I have excellent etiquette, love wearing sundresses, say “y’all”, and can make some damn good fried chicken and sweet tea. I am a mountain girl to the core in that I prefer tents to hotel rooms, the view from mountain peaks to skyscrapers,  fly fishing to sun bathing, and chopping fire wood to flipping a switch.
Replacing the NC Appalachians for the CO Rockies in Feb 2009, I found my way to the “last great ski town” known as Crested Butte, where the mountain has a way of helping you out or spitting you out. Luckily for me, Mama Mountain (Mt CB) has looked out for me and guided my way to being the happiest person I’ve been yet.
 I live in one woman’s version of paradise. Where the skiing is steep, the mountain biking is epic, and time slows down…except of course when you’re going downhill.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Harry & Ellen on said:

    What a beautiful girl in a beautiful place. NC is missing you. Hope you are enjoying yourself. We love you. We are sitting here with your Mom and Dad. ET&HT

  2. Love it girl!! So excited for ya. Ahh Mama we have to lover her 🙂

  3. Lindsay on said:

    I like to think that Crested Butte didn’t spit me out. I love your blog. And you’re amazing.

  4. Who you are is what all women should strive to be.


    ‘Dr. Manhattan

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