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Female Wolf Pack is Full of Killer Babes

Killer Babes.

The Female Wolf Pack, releasing it’s teaser video on Vimeo, just yesterday, has made a splash with ladies and men across the online social world. With strong and widely known athletes such as Michelle Parker and Suz Graham, it’s purpose is “to increase female visibility in action sports.” The teaser itself shows nothing but badass women ripping on skis and surf boards, floating on water and in the air, climbing up mountains with their hands and their bikes. Awesome women doing awesome things.

Girls. Girls. Girls.

Rachel Burks, a big mountain skier based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, founded the Female Wolf Pack as a way to showcase what women can do in the world of action sports. On the website, which is still just a preview site until the 1/1/13 premiere, Rachel says, “I look at the things that I’ve done over the past six years and feel boundlessly lucky and stoked to be where I am. This is a feeling I’d love to share with other girls. I want to open doors for those who have the same thirst that I do: the thirst to show others what girls are capable of.” Basically, she wants women of all ages, of all corners of the action-sports world, to have a chance to showcase their talent, their drive, and their fearlessness to a wide-range of viewers. She goes on to say that she wants “… to extend to all those who want to melt some faces off and hopefully inspire and foster the next generation of rippers.”

Women. Women.

There are 3 rules to this video-content-only website.

1. Fun. 2. “No Excuses, Play Like a Champion.” 3. No Nudity.

So ladies, if you wish to show off  your talent on this new female-only sports venue, enjoy yourself while being safe, stay positive by believing in yourself, and stay classy- bring on the sexy by kicking ass, not showing yours.

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Love & Base Jumping

“It’s like, you know, when you fall in love. You can’t control it. And you know that it might hurt you. You know its a little dangerous because you can’t control her feelings but you still, even though you know this, you just want a little bit more and a little bit more. It’s the same thing with base jumping. You know that it may hurt you, but the feeling is so good.”                                                                                        – Karina Hollekim , professional freeskier and base jumper

From award-winning director Sebastien Montaz-Rosset comes One Step Beyond, the story of professional snowboarder and BASE jumper, Géraldine Fasnacht. Just watching the trailer, I am filled with inspiration and awe for anyone of any gender that has the determination and the guts to jump off cliffs and fly through the sky among birds. But as a woman, Géraldine proves that having balls really has nothing to do with courage. Watch the film in its entirety March 8th on Seb Montaz’s website.

Vertigirls – High on Life

Moab, Utah. A place where we Crested Buttians go to warm our bones after a winter full of snow. Where car camping is our version of a luxurious hotel. Where we trade in our skis for mountain bikes. I love driving to Moab when I need a change of scenery, leaving the aspen trees and mountains behind in exchange for cacti and huge red canyons. It is a perfect place for hiking, biking and climbing, but slack lining and base jumping? The beautiful badass women of “Vertigirls” show us 2 sports of strength, balance, and fearlessness while high lining across 60+ foot canyons and jumping off cliffs into the rocky abyss.

One of my favorite quotes is from base jumper, Jill Kuzman. She says, “Every base jump is you getting to save your own life every time. You getting to fall off a cliff and feel yourself molding with the air instead of fighting it.” I mean talk about a strong woman! These ladies are able to take each other’s lives and their own in their hands, while doing what they are passionate about. It is so empowering to see a group of women take charge, take risks and push themselves to a place that few men would dare go.

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